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1. Map the chosen job on a scale of 1 to 5 in the below-mentioned parameters (5 being most-complex)

Skills required for each job role can be defined by a degree of execution competence, emotional intelligence, cognitive ability, creativity, and ability to influence without authority

Anything which is unchanging task that has a high volume of repetitive transactions is a rule-based task. In such tasks, the execution is often taken away from humans and done by software. Higher the execution complexity, higher the ability to automat and vice-versa. Example – use of Chatbot, excels, etc.

These are the hard-to-automate jobs that are extremely stressful with a low margin of error. These often require supreme emotional intelligence and cause an extraordinary degree of stress. Examples – Negotiator, Undercover agent, Crisis Manager, etc.

Roles that require very high human touch and intangible skills. These are jobs require an ability to influence decisions. Examples - Customer servicing, Public Relations, Sales & Marketing, HR, etc.

Many of the tasks require an extremely high degree of technical knowledge or multidisciplinary approach, the jobs can be classified as cognitively complex. Example- Surgeon, etc.

As machines start doing more and more of the transactions, the work that depends on human creativity will become more important. These are jobs that require design thinking to solve the problem or enhance experience.

2. What according to you are the most important skills that will justify this chosen job role?

Technical Skills (list top 5)

Soft Skills (list top 5)

Any other (optional)

3. What is the Critical To Quality parameters for this job role?

Max word limit 150 words

4. How will you source the right match or create a talent pool for this job role?

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5. Tell us why you should get Taggd as #JobDecoder2021?

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