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Decoding Jobs 2021

About Decoding Jobs 2021

Taggd’s Decoding Jobs Annual Summit dives into the intricacies of the Indian Job landscape. The initiative aims to bridge the gap between India’s talent supply and demand, while bringing together readiness of our present talent pool for existing and new-age jobs in various industries across parameters such as skills, education, work experience, gender diversity, etc.

This annual summit is the flagship initiative of Taggd, wherein the world of jobs gets deciphered and decoded with the help of and for the entire ecosystem – The Government, Industry, and Academia.

Key Highlights of Decoding Jobs 2021


7 Industries | 70+ Talent Leaders | One Month Span | Thousands of Enlightening Discussions

Spanning over a month, this virtual think-tank series, delved into the pioneering views of Talent Leaders from 7 different Industries, revolving around the theme of, “The Jobs & Talent Agenda In A Pandemic Hit World.”


This platform is to identify, encourage & celebrate the #TopJobDecoders 2021, who are ready to explore the future of work. It’s a chance to interact with some of the Industry’s seasoned leaders and spark new opportunities. 

Post-COVID-19 era has been a testament to new beginnings, while opening new possibilities.


These comprehensive, groundbreaking Dossiers are a compilation of the job landscape for 7 different Industries that provide an outlook at the ever-evolving job ecosystem. Conceptualized by Taggd, in collaboration with CII, each Dossier presents job trends with real-world data, highlights the changes in the past year along with the outlook of the coming year!


We witnessed the unveiling of India’s first Sectoral Dossiers on the talent landscape for leading industries which included insights on the hiring intent and trends for 2020. The sectoral dossiers bring together the readiness of our present talent pool for new-age jobs in a particular industry across parameters such as skills, education, work experience, gender diversity, etc. that employers like you are today seeking in their prospective employees.